Kent Construction Consultants are delighted with the hard work and dedication so far from our employees this year. Every single team member received amazing feedback in their mid-year Personal Development Reviews and even received top feedback from our clients. Our team has gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and we believe it was only fair to celebrate all their hard work and achievements with a summer party.

Our summer party was held in Broadstairs, a lovely seaside town not far from our office. We commenced the evening by visiting The Counting House Bar (a former Lloyds Bank) to take part in the Escape Rooms. We split into two teams of four to compete against each other for some friendly competition. One team took part in ‘The Heist’ and the other team ‘The Bank Job’. We thoroughly enjoyed both escape rooms and finished with commendable times. We then enjoyed some drinks at the bar before heading to Posilipos for some delicious authentic Italian food. Our summer party was on the same night as the start of Folk Week. We thoroughly enjoyed the live music and friendly atmosphere this brought along with it.

During our sit-down meal, it was our pleasure to announce individual summer bonuses as a new company incentive. We believe all our employees should feel their achievements have been recognised and celebrated. We look forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings and we cannot wait for our Christmas party in December.